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maandag 14 februari 2011

Bakey me love

Cookie, Pie,Cupcake,
It doesn't matter what you bake, 
butter, eggs, flower, 
baking gives you power
chocolate, sprinkles,caramel
you will love the baking smell
melted, baked or fried
make sure to put some love inside

' Bakeymelove


Most of the time I would run, scream and totally get goosebumps by seeing a  CATERPILLAR,
but this one causes: a smile, loads of saliva and a fat belly <3 yeah

Easy kiddy treat, and it looks sooo cute :D

zaterdag 25 december 2010

Happy, sweet, chocolatty, birthday

Happy Birthday to...... My friend :D

On 30-11-10 my friend -who totally LOVES chocolate, cookies, pies and practically everything that's home-BAKED- became 21! One day we were sitting in my room and she spotted this really big cereal box and told me she would like a box like that filled with COOKIES. So of course I had to bake her some. Instead of cookies I filled them with: 
Before they went into the oven.   
Ding! Ready to be decorated
Oh! first they had to cool off 
All six of them had something inside, from left to right: 
Raisins, chocolate paste with chocolate chunks, cinnamon sprinkles,
Oreo cookie sprinkled with Oreo powder and last but not least the Chocolate tower.
When the cupcakes were cooling off, I made the bonbons with this cute red
form ^.^ 
 To make the bonbons, I had to melt the chocolate first, I don't like to melt it in the microwave because the chocolate burns easily. I like to melt the chocolate Au bain-marie.
They ended up looking like this :) I decorated them with cute sprinkles, I love the blue ones, they are sooo yummy! Inside the bonbons were raisins, rice crisps and chopped Oreo cookies.

Choco Blocks 
You' re probably wondering what Choco blocks are and what I did with the little rectangled cakes on the three first photo's. 

Well, these are the Choco blocks. I chopped them in blocks and covered them in white and milk chocolate. They were very crunchy and cookie-like because they existed more out of crust then cake. They don't look that pretty but my friend totally loved them :D. 

Choco Spoons
My lovely Chocolate spoon-form, 
maybe.... I can also make Ice spoons *_*
I made them the same way as the bonbons, but without the raisins, rice crisps and chopped Oreo cookies. Instead, because they're spoons I put sprinkles, little pieces of caramel fudge and chewy Chocolate caramel balls on top.

Everything was made but... it still wasn't a present so I packed them, decorated the cereal box and put them in it. This is what it kind of looked like:

When I gave it  to her she was totally happy and enjoyed them all :D